July 31, 2021

Check out Pace e Bene staff member, Rivera Sun's, recent interview on "Good Radio" about nonviolent history and strategy, and our Nonviolent Cities Project. You can listen to the interview here. Remember, you can invite Pace e Bene staff to join your podcast or local radio show to speak about the vision of a culture of active nonviolence, Action Week Sept 18-26th, our For Goodness Sake Music Festival and more, just email us at info@paceebene.org.

With just under two months to go, Campaign Nonviolence Action Week this year is gaining momentum with over 3300 actions listed already. Reach out and invite others to join the movement. Our Outreach Assistant, Shaina Jones, has been doing incredible work, reaching out to hundreds of groups. You can, too. Help build the movement for a culture of peace and nonviolence by asking 3-5 groups in your area to take part in Campaign Nonviolence Action Week, Sept 18-26th. It’s time to widen the circle, welcome new people, and reach out. Thanks! Share this link

Looking for other ways to get involved.... Campaign Nonviolence collaborates with hundreds of organizations like World Clean Up Day, Student Climate Strikes, and Just Peace Sunday. We’ve collected a list of ways to participate in these efforts during Action Week on our website.  Find out more here. 

Also, let your friends know about our For Goodness Sake Music Festival. Pace e Bene is tending to our collective hearts, souls, and spirits by organizing a beautiful, moving online music festival on Aug 21st. Invite all of your Campaign Nonviolence, Nonviolent Cities, and local peace and justice friends to register for this free, uplifting event. RSVP here.

Finally, share the wisdom with Pace e Bene’s short, popular podcast The Soul of Nonviolence featuring Veronica Pelicaric. Spread nonviolence by putting the episodes in your newsletters, sharing on social media, and sending it to friends. (They’ll thank you.) You could even organize a listening and discussion group as your Action Week event! Another way to help the podcast reach new listeners is to review it on stitcher, spotify, etc. 

peace and all good,

Ryan, Erin, Veronica, Ken, Rosie, Shaina, Rivera, and the Pace e Bene Team

Don't miss these musicians during the For Goodness Sake Music Festival on August 21. A benefit to support a culture of nonviolence! Register here.



Waking Up to the Call of the Drum
by Martha Lucier

In this blog, Martha Lucier encourages us all to listen closely to the sounds of change: the sounds of old systems falling, of mourning for the harms of the past, and loudest of all the sound of a wake-up call from deep inside.

Nonviolence News: #LandBack & Indigenous Resistance
by Piero Falci

Frustrated by the carelessness with which the world's leaders treat our people and our planet, Piero Falci entreats every person to see the world as if from above as fragile, inherently interconnected, and precious.


Upcoming Events

DC Peace Team Online Trainings

7/31 We will offer an ONLINE Compassionate Nonviolent Communication Training for Trainers from 1-5:30pm EDT with a 30 min. break to train those who would like to facilitate the Introduction to Nonviolent Communication module. REGISTER HERE

8/4 We will offer an ONLINE Trauma Sensitive Restorative Justice Series: Trauma Awareness Overview from 7-9pm EDT. REGISTER HERE

8/7 We will offer an ONLINE Introduction to Compassionate Nonviolent Communication from 10-3 pm EDT with a break. REGISTER HERE

8/11 We will offer an ONLINE Trauma Sensitive Restorative Justice Series: Trauma Informed RJ Processes from 7-9pm EDT. REGISTER HERE


See all DC Peace Team Trainings here.


Online Trainings with Meta Peace Team

Bystander Intervention Skills Training

Participants will learn and gain practice in specific skills and tools that are useful both in conflict intervention situations and in daily life. This 4-hour workshop allows participants to explore what it takes to successfully intervene in situations where they witness someone being harassed or bullied, and to interrupt escalating violence.

Sessions on:


Bridging the Gaps of Racial Equity as a Faith Community

August 10, 2021
6:30-8:30pm Pacific

As part of Interfaith Awareness Week, Pax Christi San Diego and the St. James Faith in Action Committee are hosting a Zoom panel discussion to learn more about personal experiences of inequity in our community and solutions for change.  Featured Speakers are Roman Catholic Arturo Sotelo, Sunni Muslim Yusef Miller, Christians on the Outside Chris Ibanez and Irene Koppel, Buddhist Judy Nakatomi, and Tonawanda Seneca Deanna Diaz.  Special guest Kayla Bohan will speak about the mission of Urban Teachers to combat racial and socioeconomic inequality in urban schools. 


Turn It Up: Music in the Movement

August 20, 2021
11am - 2:30pm Pacific

Join us for this special nonviolence webinar a day before Pace e Bene's For Goodness Sake music festival!

A three hour (with a long, juicy break), webinar exploring the power of music in nonviolent movements. In this participatory session, we will share inspiring examples of music as a force of change, listen to creative uses of music in nonviolent movements, and look at how to weave music in our actions. From the Singing Revolution to the Civil Rights Movement to the songs of the US Labor Movement, to Afro-American Music and more. Music has given us strength, courage, and endurance as we stand up for peace and justice. 


Campaign Nonviolence Organizer Call

August 24, 2021
4-5pm Pacific

Pace e Bene will be holding Campaign Nonviolence Organizers Calls monthly from July through Action Week September 18-26. Join us! This is a time for YOU to share what you’re doing for Action Week and hear from others, too. We'll share tips for great actions. These calls are energizing, inspiring, and fun. Connect with organizers from Massachusetts to New Mexico, Minnesota to California, and around the world. Together, we can build a culture of active nonviolence!


Bus-Sized Nonviolence: How MK Gandhi Institute Plastered Giant Nonviolence Ads On Public Transit

August 26, 2021
2-3pm Pacific

Why hold a sign when you can make a GIANT billboard? Or, better yet, stick it on the side of a bus and roll it around town! The M.K. Gandhi Institute in Rochester, NY, launched a successful program to plaster nonviolence-promoting advertisements on the sides of city buses. This project (Nonviolence Now) was so appreciated by transit riders, drivers, city council members, community members, and more, that the project was invited to design a second set of ads. In this 1-hr presentation, come hear the story of how this happened.


Campaign Nonviolence Skillbuilding Webinar: Preparing for Protests

August 31, 2021
5-6:30pm Pacific

From sharpies to signs to water, here's what to bring (and not to bring) to your Action Week events. When we get ready for protests or street actions, we need to be prepared for a range of potential situations. In this skillbuilding webinar, we’ll look at everything from sensible shoes to great (waterproof!) signs to whether or not you should bring your phone with you. This is an excellent skillbuilding webinar to invite your organizing team to attend together. Joining us will be Rev. Jerry Maynard, a Peace Activist, Community Organizer, Priest, and Nonviolence Educator with an emphasis on anti-oppression tactics, and the Spirituality of Nonviolence. 


Assisi Pilgrimage Online

Thursdays October 7 - November 11, 2021
4-6pm Pacific

Join theologian and veteran activist Ken Butigan in an online pilgrimage of peace to Assisi, where together we will “virtually visit” and reflect on the powerful sites where the lives of St Francis and St Clare were transformed—and where the nonviolent revolution they sparked began. 

The pandemic prevents us from returning to Assisi anytime soon – but it doesn’t stop us from embarking on a virtual pilgrimage to experience this “city of peace” and its many sites that evoke the profound spiritual awakening which Francis and Clare helped unleash in the late Middle Ages.  Such an awakening is needed now more than ever. 


Pace e Bene is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization fostering justice, peace and the well-being of all through education, resources, and action for nonviolent change. Campaign Nonviolence, a project of Pace e Bene, is a long-term movement to foster a culture of nonviolence free from war, racism, poverty, and environmental destruction.

510-268-8765 | info@paceebene.org
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